The Best Subject to Learn

When you stop to consider the next subject you’d like to dive into, you may start considering topics that are relevant to your career. Perhaps a designation, for example, if you’re in finance and you start to think about getting your CA designation.

Or maybe you’re considering something more tactical and intensive, such as a course in a technology area, like a new language or toolset.

Or perhaps, you’re drawn to the arts and are looking at something more creative, or even a new language to pick up.

These are all wonderful options to consider and perfect if they align with your goals. However, there’s one subject that you might not have considered that is probably the most challenging subject you will ever take on. It has amazing historical content & is full of intrigue. It’s also one of the most inexpensive courses you will ever take.

That subject – is you.

I’ve been reading a book called “The Gap and The Gain” by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy and it’s has changed the way I’m approaching growth & learning.

A key concept in the book is the idea of “measuring backwards” – it’s the only way to see the progress you’ve made based on where you started. Aligned with this idea is the effort you make in making meanings out of your experiences.

If we avoid our past and see events as “things that happened to me” instead of engaging with our past to find meanings and view our experiences as “things that happened for me”, we stay in a mindset of lack and being powerless.

Our pasts are a rich collection of experiences that we typically perceive as good or bad. However, if we take the time to constantly revisit our experiences, not to ruminate or hold grudges or relive trauma, but instead to find meaning, we can grow to learn much more about ourselves. Dan Sullivan & Dr. Hardy mention that our pasts can be fluid & changing as we can assign new meaning and gain new learning each time we revisit our pasts.

What better way to prepare for your future than by learning about yourself? We have the chance to learn about our perceptions & biases, how we react, and what our values are. By refining our knowledge of ourselves, we prepare & prime ourselves to be able to learn almost anything and to be able to cope better in almost any situation. The best thing about learning about yourself is that the curriculum & content is always changing! There’s always something new to learn.

I hope you consider this option of taking a course about yourself the next time you consider updating your skills. I’ve begun to find a huge treasure in my own past and how by better understanding my own experiences, I can transform my perceptions & beliefs about myself and prepare myself for the experiences that still lay ahead.

Thank you for the time you’ve taken to read this article and I hope it has resonated with you in some way.

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