Hi there. You’ve likely arrived here through a link on my LinkedIn profile page, my Instagram bio, another site where I’ve published some content, or perhaps even a random search of the web. In any case, I thank you for stopping by to visit. Feel free to browse around and if anything interests you, please feel free to reach out – thanks!


This site is more of an attempt to bring together various aspects of my life under one digital roof. You’ll find some articles related to my Life Skills Coaching, learn more about my bread obsession, and find out a bit more about my musical preferences and projects.

If you’re sensing some dissatisfaction with aspects of your personal or professional life, I may be able to help you help yourself. I have a certificate in Life Skills Coaching from George Brown College and would love to help you change the stories about yourself.

I’m also a bass player & musician with varied musical tastes and I’m in the process of unlearning quite a few things.

If there’s anything that interests you, please feel free to reach out – thanks!


Here are some articles related to my Life Skills Coaching that you may find interesting.

Habits & Gravity

A few weeks ago, I was listening to an episode of “DarrenDaily”, the daily podcast of motivational speaker & coach Darren Hardy, and he relayed the story of a student & master walking through a forest. The master directed the student to destroy a small shoot starting to appear through the undergrowth. The student did …


The best ways to get in touch with me are either through Instagram at @breadbylarry, through LinkedIn, or email:

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