The Emotional Compost Heap

I’m revisiting a book that I’ve had in my collection for years but honestly never really absorbed prior to this. I can see now how I needed to be receptive to this material and get some experience under my belt, so to speak, before it could resonate with me.

The book is called “Soul Mates” by Thomas Moore. I can’t comment on the entire contents of the book yet as I’m only a third of the way through. A reasonable synopsis at this point would be that it’s an examination of the soul and its importance in relationships, with yourself and everyone else in your life.

I just finished a chapter which focuses on family and our struggles to reconcile the stereotypical ideal we are presented with through media & stories with the authentic needs of the soul in this context.

He makes a wonderful analogy when he talks about the areas that we may emphasize in our lives, like position or profession. Everything else in our lives becomes unspoken, unshared and hidden and subject to rumour, speculation & gossip. He states that family can fall to the sidelines, along with a lot of other authentic, vulnerable and personal growth items “like a compost heap full of fertile humus”.

I found this to be a wonderful visual and it also offered me a somewhat pragmatic and accepting approach to revisit ideas that I needed some time away from. There have been, and will continue to be, challenging experiences I encounter in life, as will everyone. At the time, if I’m fortunate, I may be able to glean some insights and lean into the experience to grow. That’s not always possible, and so I will choose to leave things until I’m in a better place to revisit the experience.

With time, distance, and the ear of a friend, can come clarity & insight. This image of the “emotional compost heap” however gives me a more positive outlook on putting something aside for the moment. All those rich experiences that we choose to give some space & time to have a chance to percolate & mingle & mix, and eventually transform. Like a compost heap, things break down on different levels and mix to become something greater than the original components.

With time, I’ve found great richness from these experiences that I can then bring back forth into my day to day life. They truly have become a part of me. Issues, prior beliefs or conflicts have become a great source of wisdom and given me additional tools to continue growing.

While this passage from the book is very minor and not the core message, I’ve found this small nugget extremely helpful in accepting that some experiences will become clearer & more valuable over time as they mix with other thought patterns to sometimes create something new.

Thank you for spending your time reading this – I hope it has resonated with you in some way.

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