… is being forgiving of yourself and those around you.

… is listening, then listening some more, then responding.

… is giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

… is understanding that everyone is doing the best they can.

… is reaching out even when it feels hard.

… is letting go when you aren’t able to give someone what they need.

… is letting go when you deserve something that someone isn’t able to give.

… is giving someone the chance to be accountable for their own actions

… is respecting your boundaries and those of others

… takes effort sometimes but gets easier the more you show it.

… is being clear with those around you and not holding silent expectations.

… is sometimes just being there to hold space with someone.

… is not ignoring someone.

… is understanding the whole of someone and the experiences that make up who they are.

… is finding the way forward so everyone benefits.

… is taking a pause before responding, and then reframing your response as a way for you to learn something.

… is letting go of the past in order to be in the present.

… is at the heart of every relationship that you will ever have.

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